Boys Varsity Football · Sophomore Backfield Looks Set Foundation at Seguin

Arlington, TX – Last year Seguin’s backfield seemed to be up in the air from week to week.  For various reasons–which included injuries–the Cougars went through five quarterbacks before finding senior Jorge Barrera (who earned a scholarship to Henderson State in Arkansas) and five different running backs.   This year at the start of fall camp there is no doubt who’s in the backfield, and it’ll be that way for some time.  Sophomore quarterback Xavier Gordon and sophomore running back Jalen March are here to stay.

When asked about their chance to get significant (starting?) playing time on varsity as sophomores, both of them looked forward to the opportunity.  “For me it’s about showcasing my talent and changing my life forever.  As a sophomore, I’m not supposed to be here,” said Jalen.   Xavier is excited about getting to show that “even though I’m young, I’m ready to lead this team.”

As excited as they may be, they know there are unique challenges that come with being a sophomore on varsity, and they look forward to the challenges.   Xavier knows he needs to “earn my team’s respect,” and March knows there’s little room for error.  As he put it, “Coach can pull me and put in an older guy.”

Even though they’re young, and even though they know there are challenges, both of them are excited for this upcoming season.   Xavier views their roles in the backfield as setting the stage for future success and hopes this season is “unbelievable.”  Jalen says they’re hoping to make a “new name for Seguin High,” and he wants to do one more thing: “I want to make my mom proud.”

If they keep up their hard work, he’ll make his mom proud along with the entire Seguin community.  Go Cougs!